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                                    SHILOH VILLAGE COUNCIL MEETING


                                                   Regular Meeting


                                                   January 8, 2019



Mayor Hall called the meeting to order at 5:07 p.m. The meeting was opened with a prayer,
 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Persons attending: William Castle, P; Lisa Mireles, P;
Johnny Shepherd, P; Richard Stephens, P; Danny Bailey, P; Jayne Boock, P;  Adm. Bruce Wiser,
Abs., Excused;  F/O Sherri Copley, P; Zoning Inspector, Chad Martin, Abs., Excused;  Mayor
 Hall, P. Minutes of the previous meetings held on December 18, 2018 were read, edited, and




  • See attached.  The bills were presented and examined.  Mrs. Boock made the motion
 to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Bailey, RC 6 yea.   

Old Business


            Mayor Hall started out by saying that she had someone look at the municipal building and
 they will be turning in a quote for repairs.  She also said that she got quotes on bleachers for the
 ballfield and is working on lights that the grant can be used for.  She said that she was thinking
of other ideas for the ballfield and she thought of an ice skating rink, like there was before. 
Council discussed the previous rink and thought if grant money could be obtained that would be
nice for the winter months.

            Mayor Hall went on to say that Hilltop Tree Service will be coming in and giving the
Village a quote on tree trimming.  Finally, she said that more meters are being installed.  She
saidthat there weren’t any installed during the holidays, as most residents didn’t want them
 done then.

            Mrs. Boock asked about the agreement with Planktown Market.  Sherri said that currently
the EPA has the paperwork and nothing can be done until they approve it.  Mrs. Boock asked
about the ramp for the Shiloh Historical Society.  Sherri said that hopefully, that can be
accomplished with a revitalization grant that is currently being put together.

            Mrs. Mireles said there is still a street light on Delaware that is not working.  Mr. Castle
 asked about a new one being put up on Mechanic Street.

            Sherri said that the thermostat at the Senior Citizen Building was checked since the
December bill was so high.  She said that even though there is a locked cover over the
thermostat, someone was able to remove it to raise the heat.  She said that unless a metal box
 or something is put around the cover, making it difficult to change, she’s not sure what can be
done.  Council discussed this and decided to check on programmable thermostats that could be
password protected.  They also discussed charging a nominal fee for use of the building.  They
 decided that since the village pays for the utilities and upkeep of the building that a $25 fee for
personal use would help offset those costs.  Mrs. Boock made the motion to have legislation
drawn up for a $25.00/day rental fee for resident’s personal use, seconded by Mr. Bailey RC 6 yea.


New Business/Legislation    


            ORDINANCE 2018-8

An Ordinance to Make Appropriations for Current Expenses and Other Expenditures of The
 Village of Shiloh, State of Ohio, during the Fiscal Year ending December 31, 2019.

            Mrs. Boock made the motion to suspend the three reading rule, seconded by Mr. Castle,
 RC 6 yea.  Mr. Bailey made the motion to pass Ordinance 2018-8, seconded by Mrs. Boock, RC
6 yea.

            RESOLUTION 2019-1

A Resolution to Establish the Source of Funding for the Village Hourly Employee Positions
Compensation, and declaring an emergency.

            Mrs. Boock made the motion to suspend the three reading rule, seconded by Mr. Castle,
 RC 6 yea.  Mr. Bailey made the motion to pass Resolution 2019-1, seconded by Mrs. Boock, RC
 6 yea.


Guest Presentation

Resident’s Input

Village Inspector’s Report


            Sherri read the inspector’s report; no permits have been issued in the past month. 
 She also told Council that after a long drawn out issue, Mr. Martin was finally able to sign the
Richland County Surveyor’s paperwork for a resident.


Village Administrator’s Report


            Mayor Hall read the administrator report aloud.



Fiscal Officer’s Report


Bank balance $184,697.21 + CD’s $344,945.03 + STAR $14,862.76 + GB Savings $12,000 +
Payroll balance $5,000 + Mayor’s Court $100 + Petty Cash $100 – outstanding checks
$49,674.10 = YTD Balance $512,030.90

            Sherri started off by telling Council that the bucket truck was bought by a gentleman from
 Ashland, Ohio for $4,551.51.  She said that eight sealed bids were submitted ranging from
 $501-$4,551.51.  She said that the truck was paid for and the money deposited before the end
 of the year.  Mr. Shepherd commented that the truck is still on Village property.  Sherri said that
the buyer was making arrangements to pick it up.

            Sherri also said that the Historical Society asked if they bought a light for outside the
Borman building, could it be installed by the Village.  Mr. Shepherd said that the pole fell down. 
Sherri said that it did not fall down, that the guys took it down because it was leaning so badly. 
 Mr. Shepherd said that it was on the ground.  Sherri explained that Mr. Noble informed the office
 of it leaning.  Upon inspection, the guys took it down before it fell and it was in fact on the ground
 for a couple of days before they removed it, but that it did not in fact fall over.  Mrs. Boock made
 the motion to have a light installed by the Borman building, seconded by Mr. Castle, RC 6 yea.

            Sherri also gave Council a copy of the current utility rates.  She said that the auditor
thought that they should be reviewed by Council each year.  Mrs. Boock asked why the out of
 corporation limit rates were not on the sheet.  Sherri said that where is said “OC” .25 at the top
 of the page indicates the 25% surcharge for out of corporation users.

            Sherri asked Council if they wanted to have a meeting with Mr. Walters from Rinehart
Insurance about this year’s policy.  Council asked if the rates were different or any changes to
 the policy.  Sherri said that she would check.

            Lastly, she brought up the Electric Fund.  She said that the Village gave away just over
$20,000 in free electric in December.  While she realizes that money would definitely benefit the
electric fund, she understands the mayor and council’s reluctance at taking it away.  She said
that the free electric is a great perk for resident’s that pay their utility bill on time every month. 
She said that the electric fund is ok without it this year, and if council wants to keep the free
electric for 2019, she is good with that.  She did add though that she feels it should be reviewed
each year.  She said that one bad year could really hurt the fund and it’s impossible to tell at the
 beginning of the year what’s going to happen.  Council agreed with her on that point and decided
 to retain the free electric for 2019. 

            She went on to say that electric supplies, not including transformers, need to be
purchased.  She said the cost for what is currently needed is right around $5400.  She said that
transformers are still needed and prices are being checked.   Mr. Castle made the motion for the
 current electric supplies to be bought, seconded by Mrs. Boock, RC 6 yea.

 Standing Committee Reports

            Mrs. Boock asked if all the council members could be on the Ad Hoc Committee so the
big events didn’t fall on the same three members.  Mayor Hall said that she did not feel that was
 a good idea.  She said that one group needed to responsible, but that every council member was
 welcome to help with those events.  She said that in the past, the Ad Hoc Committee switched
every year, and she feels that should continue.  With that in mind, Council chose their new
committee assignments for 2019.

            After committee assignments were picked, it was decided that Mr. Bailey would continue
 as President Pro-tempore, Mr. Stephens would continue on the Fire Board and Mrs. Boock will
represent council on zoning.

Council Member’s Miscellaneous Reports


            Mrs. Boock asked why rules are made, if they are not going to be enforced. Mayor Hall
 asked her to explain what she meant.  Mrs. Boock said that there are rules on garbage cans not
being left by the curb after garbage pickup, parking, and other rules that are not being enforced. 
Mayor Hall said that if any resident is concerned with rules not be followed, they should call the
office and file a formal complaint and those issues will be checked into and resolved.  She again
said that she feels filing a formal complaint, is the best way to make sure these issues are
handled properly.


Mayor’s Report


            Mayor’s Court:  Fines $50; Computer $20; Costs $81; State $47.50


            Mayor Hall said that she knew 2018 was a rough year on Council and a lot of tough,
unpopular decisions had to be made.  She said that she knows council struggled with these
decisions and that they need to continue to think everything through and follow their hearts. 
She said that she hopes 2019 will be a great year for the village and the residents.  She said that
more tough decisions will have to be made and she will work hard to keep Shiloh a great place to
 live and raise a family, just as she knows each council member will.


Executive Session     



            Mr. Bailey made the motion to adjourn, Mrs. Boock seconded it.  The next regular council
 meeting will be January 22, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.  


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