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Current Council Meeting Minutes



Regular Meeting

May 23, 2017


            Mayor Hall called the meeting to order at 5:06 p.m.  The meeting was opened with a prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Persons attending:  Jayne Boock, Abs. Excused; Jake Stephens Jr., P;  Lisa Mireles, P; Betty Shepherd, P; Ricky Shepherd, Abs. Unexcused; Danny Bailey, P;  Adm. Bruce Wiser, P;  Insp. Steve Bassin, Abs.; F/O Sherri Copley, P;  Mayor Hall, P.  Minutes of the previous meeting held on May 9, 2017 were read, edited, and approved.



  • See attached.  The bills were presented and examined.  Mr. Bailey made the motion to approve the bills, including pre-approval of the Plymouth Hardware Bill, seconded by Mr. Stephens, RC 4 yea.

Old Business

            Mrs. Shepherd asked if the tile was finished on East Main Street.  Mr. Wiser said that he didn’t know there was a problem with the tile.  Mrs. Shepherd said she thought it hadn’t been finished.  Mr. Wiser said that when he spoke with Johnny Shepherd about it, Johnny thought that maybe there was another pole through the tile, but there hasn’t been any evidence to prove that.

            Mrs. Shepherd also asked about the flooding on Guthrie.  Mr. Wiser said that Sherri and Mark Figley had gone to the Cass Twp. meeting.  There are several factors that all contribute to the flooding.  Cass Twp. feels part of the problem is the rock that is on the side of the road.  They feel that doesn’t allow the water to run off the road.  Mr. Wiser said that we will remove the dirt that is there, but that just means the water will still standing by the road, but at least not on it.  There are also problems with the tile and that still has to be determined the best way to fix that.

            Mr. Bailey told Council that he and Johnny Shepherd took down the old unsafe lights at the ball field.  While they can’t be replaced yet, at least it is safer.


New Business/Legislation

Guest Presentations

CTI made their presentation to Council regarding the sanitary sewer project.  They presented a slide show.  It showed other towns/villages that they have done projects for.  It also showed what plans they think the Village should use.  They feel it would be best to install Rotating Biological Contactors.  They feel this would eliminate the problems the Village has and satisfy all the EPA standards


Poggemeyer made their presentation to Council.  They took a different approach.  They spoke about the funding aspects of the project first.  Then they spoke about doing testing to determine where the problems are and what they could do about each one.

CT Consultants made their presentation to Council.  They discussed the findings and orders of the EPA and how they could use some of the existing plant and add/redo features to make it handle the flow better and eliminate the mercury problems.  They feel this would be the Village’s best option.

After the engineering firms left, Council, Mayor Hall and Mr. Wiser discussed the options.  Mr. Wiser told Council that they had a hard decision to make.  He said that all three firms were extremely well qualified and would do a good job for the Village.   He said he was very impressed with all three firms, but especially liked CT Consultants.  He said they have already done much of the testing and if CTI or Poggemeyer took it over, they would redo the tests and cost the Village more.


Mrs. Shepherd said that she really liked CTI’s presentation and felt they would do the best job for the Village.  She made the motion to have a Resolution drawn up selecting CTI to do the engineering project.  Mr. Bailey seconded it.    Mrs. Shepherd, yea;  Mr. Bailey, yea;  Mr. Stephens, nay;  Mrs. Mireles, yea.  The resolution will be drawn up to be voted on.


Resident’s Input


Village Inspector’s Report


Village Administrator’s Report


  • See Attached

After Mr. Wiser reported to Council, he spoke about the streets.  He told Council that the Village gets a lot less for streets now compared to years ago.  He said that it seems we have to spend all of our road money for our portion of Noble Road which leaves nothing for other roads in the Village.  He said that he and Sherri were working on trying to get some other roads done this year too.

Mrs. Mireles asked about the bucket truck.  She said that it has needed a lot of work this year and was wondering if it would be better to get a newer truck.  Mr. Wiser said that would be too expensive for the Village.  He said the Village may be better off to contract out with someone than to keep repairing the truck or buying a new one.


Fiscal Officer’s Report

            Sherri told Council what had happened with the trees during the storm Thursday night.  The storm hit Shiloh pretty badly and trees were down along with some power lines.  Shiloh called in Plymouth to assist and they brought a truck and were able to get power restored.  On Friday, the situation was assessed and it was determined that several more trees needed to come down.  These trees were now in danger of falling and taking power lines down with them.   Shiloh called several tree companies.  One of them could come out on Friday evening to check things out.  After speaking with the homeowners, one said they would take their own tree down.  Two others agreed the trees needed to come down but didn’t have the money right then.  Sherri said that the Village would pay the bill up front, and the homeowners could pay it back to the Village within 3 months.  Both homeowners agreed to that.  The home that only had one tree removed has already repaid the Village and the other one said he would make three monthly payments to the Village.   Sherri said that this was the only way she could see that would get the trees in question down before another storm came through costing the Village money.  Council agreed that this was a good plan for the situation.

            Sherri also told Council that there had been an accident that day.  Mr. Johnny Shepherd hit a rock while mowing that hit a parked truck.  She said that an accident report had been taken and she had called the insurance company.  They took the information and said that the claims dept. would be calling the owner within 24 hours.

Sherri asked if the OWDA loan that was obtained to pay CT Consultants for the general plan would still be rolled over into the project loan if CT wasn’t the engineering firm Council chooses.  Mrs. Shepherd asked what loan that was.  Sherri said that Resolution 2016-3 was passed before Mrs. Shepherd, Mrs. Mireles, and Mr. Bailey were on Council.   Mr. Wiser went to explain that in 2016 the EPA was putting a lot of pressure on Shiloh.  They were demanding a general plan on how Shiloh was going to fix the problems they were concerned with.  There was a deadline that had to be met and CT Consultants were called.  CT brought it to Council that a loan could be obtained to pay for the testing and engineering services that would develop a general plan (not the design plan) which would satisfy the EPA.  This loan then would be rolled over into the total project loan.  He said that in most circumstances, Council would have met with the engineering firms first and decided on a firm before the general plan was made.  However, due to time constraints, this time the general plan was done before engineering firm was chosen for the project.

He went on to say that although the testing and general plan have been done by CT, if another firm is chosen for the project, that firm will redo the testing and plan.  He explained that another firm will not use the general plan by CT for two basic reasons.  First of all, the firm will want to redo the tests to make sure they are accurate.  They will not want to stake putting their name on something that doesn’t work in the end.  Secondly, engineering firms make a percentage of the total project.  Therefore, they want to include all necessary testing and planning in that amount.  He did say though that if CT hadn’t come in with a good plan, he would’ve still advised Council to choose another firm.  He said that though after meeting with these firms, he feels that CT is willing to use more components of the existing plants which will ultimately save money.  He did say once again though that all three firms are very qualified to do the project.


Standing Committee’s Meeting

Mr. Bailey told Council that the Park Committee met with Lynn McGinnis and Richard Stephens about the car show to be held August 19, 2017.  Plans for the show were discussed.  Several items discussed were the prizes for the cars, parking for the cars, and items to be raffled off at the show.  The proceeds for the show will be split between Akron’s Children’s Hospital and the Village of Shiloh Parks.  There will be another meeting June 29, 2017.


Council Member’s Miscellaneous Reports

          Mr. Stephens asked about the weeds at The Brick Pond.  He said that they were out of control.  Mr. Wiser said that with the rain, the guys just hadn’t been able to keep up with everything, but he would make sure they get to it soon.  Sherri said that Nate Sexton would be starting next week to help the guys with all of the extra work that summertime brings.

Mayor’s Report

            Mayor Hall started off with a big Thank You for Johnny Shepherd, Josh Shepherd, and Plymouth for working through the night on Thursday due to the storm.  She said their quick response helped get everything taken care of much quicker and smoother.  She also said that she hadn’t had any complaints about the Spring Clean Up this year, so she thought it must’ve went pretty smoothly.

            She told Council that there were 4 applicants for the zoning inspector position and she would be scheduling interviews.

            She went on to tell Council to take the paperwork home that each of the engineering firms had provided and to go over each one.  She said that she still is in the learning process and values Mr. Wiser’s opinion.  She said that this is huge decision to make and that it needs to be made wisely as there is a lot of money at stake that affects every resident.   Mr. Stephens asked if the previous motion to obtain CTI could be rescinded.  Mayor Hall said that it could, but she thought that it would be best if each Council member took the paperwork home and thought about everything thoroughly before any more decisions were made.


            Mr. Stephens made the motion to adjourn.  Mr. Bailey seconded it.  The next meeting will be June 13, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.


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