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Current Council Meeting Minutes




Regular Meeting


August 24, 2017


            Mayor Hall called the meeting to order at 6:07 p.m.  The meeting was opened with a prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Persons attending:  Jayne Boock, P; Jake Stephens Jr., P;  Lisa Mireles, P; Betty Shepherd, P; Ricky Shepherd, Abs. Unexcused; Danny Bailey, P;  Adm. Bruce Wiser, P;  F/O Sherri Copley, P;  Mayor Hall, P.  Minutes of the previous meetings held on August 8 , 2017 were read, edited, and approved.



  • See attached.  The bills were presented and examined.   Mr. Bailey made the motion to pay the bills, including pre-approval for Plymouth Hardware, seconded by Mrs. Boock, RC 5 yea.   

Old Business


            Mrs. Boock said the sidewalk issues still have not been addressed.  She said they have grass and weeds growing up through them.  Sherri said that Mr. Martin had sent out more letters that week, but she wasn’t sure if he addressed that specific problem.

            Mrs. Shepherd asked about the Hilltop estimate that Sherri gave them the prior meeting.  Sherri said that she did call the Village solicitor, Mr. Burton, and he said that is was the homeowner’s responsibility if the alley is unmaintained and has not been accepted into the Village.

            Mr. Bailey brought up the car show.  He said that it went very well.  He said there were 59 cars.  The weather and people were great.  Sherri agreed that the car show went well.  The efforts to raise more money by selling walking tacos and nachos however did not.  She said that it ended up $3 in the hole.   She said the tacos were great, but she thought maybe it was the wrong food for the crowd.  She said that next year they will have to decide what would work better.

            Mayor Hall said she wanted to give a big “Thank You” to everyone that helped make the 2nd Annual Car Show a success.  She said that she especially wanted to thank Richard Stephens who worked exceptionally hard for all the raffles and prizes.  She said that he did a fantastic job and was instrumental in the car show success.



New Business/Legislation

Resolution 2017-5

            A Resolution to Adopt a Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  3 reading

            Mrs. Boock made the motion to pass Resolution 2017-5, seconded by Mr. Bailey, RC 5 yea.


Guest Presentation


Resident’s Input

            Mr. Johnny Shepherd asked Mr. Wiser questions concerning the new wastewater treatment plant.  He also said that he thought it should be posted when there is a mosquito spraying scheduled.  Mrs. Boock said it’s in The Mansfield News Journal and Sherri said it’s posted online.  Mayor Hall said that we will try and get it posted in the future.


Village Inspector’s Report

            Sherri told Council that Mr. Martin had been in before closing on Thursday.  He said that he just worked a 16 hour shift and had to go back that night, so he wasn’t going to be able to make the meeting.  He wrote out a small report and Sherri read it to Council.

Village Administrator’s Report

            Mr. Wiser read his report to Council.  He then went on to talk about the wastewater treatment plant. He told Council there are 3 options for The Village of Shiloh.  The first is the current plant trickling filter type.  He said the second was a Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) and the third is the package plant.  For all intents and purposes the latter is not practical or affordable, so it comes down to the first two options.  

He told Council that Mayor Hall, Sherri, and himself had had a meeting with Tim Clapper from CT Consultants and The Ohio EPA along with The EPA and DEFA attending by phone.  He spoke to them about keeping the current plant with many updates.  They said if those updates were made, Shiloh would be in compliance and that they would not veto the general plan.  However, DEFA, which is the financial arm of The EPA, said that right now the updates were more expensive than a SBR plant and unless that changed, they would not support the trickling filter option.

            Mr. Wiser said that he still feels the trickling filter option is the best choice for Shiloh.    He says with the updates, it would be a very good system and less expensive to run.  He said that he went over line by line with Tim Clapper to reduce the prices.  He says that while it will take some creative engineering, he thinks if they can get the cost down to be comparable to the SBR plant, it would be a much better solution.

  Mayor Hall spoke up and said that she has faith that Mr. Wiser has the best interest of Shiloh and its residents in mind.  She said that while Mr. Wiser is trying his absolute best to cut the costs down, if he can’t, then the next best option would be a SBR plant.  She said it’s not a choice of whether or not to do a plant, but only which plant is the best option.  She said that in order to stay in compliance, a decision must be made before the next Council meeting.  She asked that Council give her and Mr. Wiser the authority to make that decision.  Mrs. Boock asked if Council members could be called once the decision has been made.  Sherri assured them that she would call each one.

Mr. Stephens made the motion to give Mr. Wiser and Mayor Hall the authority to make the final decision, seconded by Mr. Bailey, RC 5 yea.

Mr. Wiser thanked Council for their support.  He then went on to tell them that he has a complaint from a resident on West Main Street that says they have broken storm sewer pipes on their property.  He said that he will have it checked out.  Depending on what he finds, it may or may not be The Village’s responsibility.


Fiscal Officer’s Report

            Sherri told Council that there will be a Public Records Training in Mansfield next month.  She said that the ORC requires this training for all elected officials.  Since it’s held during the day, Mayor Hall won’t be able to attend.  Sherri said that she can go as a designee for the Mayor and asked if any Council members wanted to attend or have her as their designee.  Mrs. Boock asked if they could each get a copy of the paperwork.  Sherri told them if they didn’t give her a set for each person, she would make them each a copy of hers.  All 5 Council members present asked Sherri to go on their behalf.

            Sherri also told them that she had spoken with Daryl Banks, Richland County Commissioner.  He told her that Richland County had cutbacks and that The Village would not be receiving as much permissive tax as they promised.  He said that his dept. made 22% cuts in an effort to help offset the cutbacks, but that wasn’t enough and there wasn’t any other choice.

Standing Committee Reports

Council Member’s Miscellaneous Reports

            Mr. Bailey asked about the Water Tower dedication.  Mayor Hall said that Ad Hoc should have a meeting to discuss it.  She said she would be glad to help with the planning.

            Mrs. Shepherd said that she was awake when at the time of the last mosquito spraying and said they only did one little squirt at the end of her road.

Mayor’s Report

Executive Session

            Mr. Bailey made the motion to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel.  Mrs. Shepherd was excused.

            After returning to normal session, Council discussed the need to hire a full time employee in order to be competitive with other employers.  Mr. Bailey made the motion to put together a job description and package for a full time employee.  Mrs. Boock seconded it, RC:  Mrs. Boock, yea; Mr. Stephens, yea; Mrs. Mireles, yea; Mr. Bailey, yea; Mrs. Shepherd did not return to the meeting.



            Mr. Bailey made the motion to adjourn, Mrs. Boock seconded it.  The next regular council meeting will be September 12, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.


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