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 Regular Meeting 
April 24, 2018 

Mayor Hall called the meeting to order at 6:07 p.m. The meeting was opened with a prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Persons attending: William Castle, P; Lisa Mireles, P; Johnny Shepherd, P; Richard Stephens, P; Danny Bailey, P; Jayne Boock, P;  Adm. Bruce Wiser, Abs., Excused;  F/O Sherri Copley, P; Zoning Inspector, Chad Martin, Abs., Excused;  Mayor Hall, P.

Minutes of the previous meetings held on April 10, 2018 were read, edited, and approved.  

  • See attached.  The bills were presented and examined.  Mrs. Boock made the motion to pay the bills, including pre-approval of Plymouth Hardware, seconded by Mr. Bailey,  RC 6 yea. 

Old Business         

Mrs. Boock asked about the water meter installation.  Sherri said the other company they checked into was not interested.  Mr. Castle said he would continue to look for someone else.  He said that with all of his contacts, he should be able to find someone.           

Mr. Castle said that he spoke with someone from Plymouth Baseball.  He said that he explained the field hadn’t really been opened up, like the restrooms, because no one had contacted the Village stating they wanted to use it.  He said that he told them they need to call the office and let them know what days/times they wanted to reserve the field.             

Mayor Hall said that she spoke with Matt Blankenship and also told him he needed to call the office and let the Village know what days they planned on using the field.  She said that she told him, the Village would be receiving a grant that would update the field with new lights and bleachers.  She said that when the field is being worked on this year, the baseball teams would not be allowed to play there for safety reasons.            She went on to say that she spoke with Dr. Back, a coach for softball.  He said that he was interested in using the field for softball.  However, after he spoke with the softball committee, they said they were not interested in using the field.  They said that they didn’t want to use the field due to the controversy over the concession stand.  Mayor Hall said that the Village understands the umpires get paid out of concessions, and no one in the Village disputes that.  She said though that some of the money from the concessions should stay in the Village because the Village maintains the property.  The guys mow it, weed it, paint..., and the Village pay the real estate taxes and insurance on the field.  She said some of the money from the concession stand, not all of it, should be used for those purposes.  She said that she and Dr. Back both were very disappointed with the committee’s decision.              

Mr. Shepherd asked about the street lights.  Sherri said that Mr. Figley and Mr. Sampson were starting to work on the lights.  However, they ran into several poles that the wiring was not originally installed correctly and now the wind has pulled some of the wiring free.  She said that a call was put into the circuit rider from AMP and he will have to come to the Village and work with Mr. Sampson on repairing those lines.  Mr. Shepherd stated the Mr. Sampson must not know how to fix those lines.  Sherri responded that Mr. Sampson would be attending AMP’s electrical training in May, but since he had not attended any yet, was not permitted to work on those lines without the circuit rider.           

Mr. Stephens said that he checked with the game warden about the ducks at the Brick Pond.  He said that the game warden thought it was probably a mink killing the ducks more than a muskrat.  He said that because the mink is considered a nuisance, he thought Mr. Stephens could probably trap it without a license.  He told Mr. Stephens that he would check on that and let him know.           

Mr. Bailey brought up the car show.  Mayor Hall asked him if a meeting with Lynn from the General Store had been set up yet.  She said that she really feels one needs to be set up soon with Lynn and the Ad Hoc Committee.

New Business/Legislation                  

Guest Presentation 

Resident’s Input        

Mayor Hall welcomed Mrs. Betty Shepherd and asked her if she had anything she’d like to say.  Mrs. Shepherd declined. 

Village Inspector’s Report          

Sherri read Mr. Martin’s report aloud to Council             

Village Administrator’s Report          

Fiscal Officer’s Report           

Sherri read the mosquito contract from the Richland Public Health Dept. to Council.  Council asked what areas it covered and when the dates would be.  Mr. Shepherd said he would like to be notified before they spray.  Mayor Hall said that the dates are usually posted in the Mansfield News Journal and online.           

Sherri said that she went to the Cass Township Meeting the day before.  She said that Mrs. Gowitzka explained the Fund Status for Cass.  Sherri explained to Council that Cass Twp. General Fund is in the negative.  When the books were audited in 2016, the auditor made Cass Township adjust the books.  The previous fiscal officer had $111,709 in the general fund before the adjustments.  After the adjustments were made, the general fund was really -$32,000.  Cass Township has since then been working to reduce the negative balance and it is currently -$18,000.   The only way they can get that fund out of the red, is if the levy passes.  She showed Council that most of the funds are restricted, meaning they can only be used for specific things, such as the cemeteries and roads.  Cass Township explained that not having a road levy for the past two years has really affected their funds to repair the roads with.  She also explained that the levy they are trying to pass in May, was originally supposed to be a renewal.  However, before the election, it was determined that the wording was incorrect for a renewal and it had to be worded as an additional.  At that time, it was not actually an additional tax, it would have been the same tax rate as before.  However, once it was stated as an additional tax, voters thought it would be more money and it was voted down.  Essentially, Cass Township has had less money to work with, with the same miles of roads and cemeteries to maintain.   So while the Fund Status, does indeed show money in the funds, it does not show what the expenses will be coming out of those funds.  Sherri said that maintaining roads, and the equipment to maintain those roads, are huge expenses and many people just don’t realize what those costs actually are.           

Finally, Sherri told Council that Shiloh’s Spring Clean Up date is set for Saturday, May 12, 2018.  She said that Sheila has it posted and lists the items that will not be picked up. 

Standing Committee Reports  

Council Member’s Miscellaneous Reports                       

Mrs. Mireles asked about brush pick up.  She said that she knew the guys were short-handed but with the weather starting to be nice residents would start cleaning their yards.  Sherri agreed and said that the guys had picked up 4 dump truck loads of brush that day.  Mr. Shepherd interrupted to say there was still more to pick up.  Sherri said that there probably was more, but that when the initial cleaning up was done, there would be one day/week that brush would be picked up.  She said that would eliminate all the extra time spent riding around the village checking for brush on a daily basis.           

Mrs. Boock asked about the sidewalks that flood on West Main Street.  Mr. Shepherd said that he replaced the basin last year, but that didn’t fix the problem.  Mayor Hall asked him why it wasn’t fixed if he worked on it.  Mr. Shepherd said that he thought the problem was the basin, but even with a new basin, the sidewalks still flood.  He said that he thought maybe the line under Main Street wasn’t large enough.  Mayor Hall said that she would speak with Mr. Wiser about it.           

Mr. Bailey said he that he had been thinking about a get together for the employees and Council members.  He said that since there wasn’t a Christmas Party last year, maybe one could be put together for this summer.  Mayor Hall said that that would be something Ad Hoc should plan.                         

Mayor’s Report                      

Mayor Hall went on with the reading of The Rules of Council.  Several items of interest were explained, such as the employees answer to Mr. Wiser or herself, but not to Council.  Expulsion of Council members, voting, and motions were also discussed. 

Executive Session       


Mr. Bailey made the motion to adjourn, Mrs. Boock seconded it.  The next regular council meeting will be May 8, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.   The Council meeting was changed to Monday, May 7, 208 at 6:00 p.m., due to Election Day.

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