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Regular Meeting


February 27, 2018


Mr. Bailey called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. The meeting was opened with a prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Persons attending: William Castle, P; Lisa Mireles, P; Johnny Shepherd, P; Richard Stephens, P; Danny Bailey, P; Jayne Boock, P;  Adm. Bruce Wiser, Abs., Excused; F/O Sherri Copley, P; Zoning Inspector, Chad Martin, Abs., Excused;  Mayor Hall, P, Late. Minutes of the previous meetings held on February 13, 2018 were read, edited, and approved.


  • See attached.  The bills were presented and examined.  Mrs. Boock made the motion to pay the bills, including pre-approval for Plymouth Hardware, seconded by Mrs. Mireles,  RC 6 yea.  

Old Business

            Mr. Shepherd asked if all the street lights had been fixed.  Sherri said that she wasn’t sure if they had all been gotten to yet.  She reminded him that Mr. Justice was still off on sick leave from his surgery leaving only two guys.  She said that when the weather had cooperated, the guys already had other things they needed to do, like water sampling.  Mr. Shepherd added two more lights to the list and said leaves around the basketball park needed to be cleaned up as well.

            He then went on to suggest that new signs be posted down at The Brick Pond.  He said that he knew water from the sewer plant was bypassing into the pond and kids shouldn’t be down there fishing.  Mayor Hall said that everyone knew with all the rain and snow melting the plant would be overflowing.  She said that the Village can’t police the pond 24 hours/day.  She said there is “No Trespassing” signs and that should be sufficient.

            Mr. Shepherd then brought up the stop sign on High Street.  He said that ODOT had put up a temporary stop sign and the guys needed to pick up the other sign before it disappeared.


New Business/Legislation    


            ORDINANCE 2018-1

            An Ordinance to Establish $2500.00 Water and Sanitary Sewer Tap Fees Commencing March 1, 2018 and to Repeal All Ordinances in Conflict.  3 reading

            Mrs. Boock made the motion to pass Ordinance 2018-1, seconded by Mr. Bailey, RC 6 yea.

            ORDINANCE 2018-2

            An Ordinance to Establish Water Rates for Users Located Outside the Village. 2 reading.

            Mrs. Boock made the motion to suspend the three reading rule, seconded by Mr. Bailey, RC 6 yea.  Mr. Castle made the motion to pass Ordinance 2018-2, seconded by Mr. Bailey, RC 6 yea,



Guest Presentation

Resident’s Input

Village Inspector’s Report

Village Administrator’s Report


Fiscal Officer’s Report

            Sherri started off by telling Council that they were having some issues with getting a hold of people on the route that the EPA insists have meters installed first.  She said some of the people have moved since signing their paperwork, some have different phone numbers, and some with working numbers haven’t returned the Village’s phone calls.  She said that Mitch Sampson went door to door and got some signatures, but had to leave a note on many doors asking them to call the office.  While a few of them did, many did not.  She asked Council what their thoughts on getting people scheduled were.

            Council decided to mail each individual along the route an official letter stating that if they did not contact the office within two weeks, it was assumed they wanted a pit meter and one would be installed with the $100.00 fee.

            Sherri then told Council that there had been requests to open the park.  Council discussed this but felt the weather really wasn’t nice enough yet and more winter weather would be coming.  They also decided that the new pea gravel and park inspection would need to be completed before opening it.

            Finally, Sherri told Council that the HINKLE report and notes which are due to The Ohio State Auditor on March 1, 2018, were almost completed and she would have them submitted on time again this year.


Standing Committee Reports

            Mr. Shepherd, chairperson of the Utility Committee, said that the Utility Committee met Monday morning.  He said that they discussed the Cass Township Garage and the utility late list.  He said the committee’s recommendation was to charge Cass Township a flat water rate monthly.  Council discussed this at length.   It was thought that at one time there was a verbal agreement with Cass Township that they would not be charged for water since they helped install the water lines.  Mr. Shepherd and Mrs. Boock both stated though that they couldn’t find anything on that.

 Mr. Castle asked about the rate and what would be the benefit of it.  Mrs. Boock stated that she thought it was only fair they pay too.  Mr. Castle asked how much water they actually use and would it be worth it in the long run.  He said that yes they would pay but then they would charge us each time they helped the village.  He said that one day’s help, like when they helped Johnny Shepherd fix Scott Street last year would cost the Village more than a year’s worth of water.  He said that he didn’t personally think it was worth it.

            Mr. Shepherd made the motion to have the Cass Township Garage pay for water monthly, seconded by Mrs. Boock.  RC:  Mr. Bailey, nay; Mrs. Boock, yea; Mr. Castle, nay; Mrs. Mireles, nay; Mr. Shepherd, yea; Mr. Stephens, nay.  The motion did not pass 4-2.

  Mr. Castle stated that if time arises the Village needs help from Cass Township; he would go talk to them.  He said that as a businessman, he knew from past experiences, that it was always better to work together than to make enemies.

            Mr. Shepherd brought up the utility late list.  He said that it was his understanding that the Utility Committee got the late utility bill list.  Mr. Bailey spoke up and told him that this was not allowed anymore because of privacy issues.  Mr. Shepherd argued that he thought the Utility Committee was allowed to see it but no one else.  Sherri said that while yes that is how it was done in the past, it was no longer allowed to be done that way, because of new privacy laws.  Mr. Shepherd asked if the Village Solicitor, Mr. Burton, had okayed this and Sherri replied that it was Mr. Burton that had informed the Village of the new laws.

            Mrs. Boock asked if just a total could be given to the committee so that it could be monitored.  Mayor Hall said that Sheila could provide the committee with a total each month, but there could be no account numbers, addresses, or names on the list, just a total.  The Utility Committee agreed this would be helpful.

            Mr. Stephens, chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee, told Council that Ad Hoc had met about the car show.  He said plans were being made for the trophies, goody bags, and food stand.  He said that this year the Village will sell hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, chips, and drinks. 

            Mayor Hall asked if he had spoken to Lynn at the General Store yet.  She said that she didn’t feel they should be left out of it.  Mr. Stephens said that if they wanted to sell ribs, it would be up to them if they wanted to donate part of those proceeds to the Shiloh Ballfield Fund.  He went on to say that this was strictly a not for profit endeavor, aimed solely at helping getting the ballfield up and running again for the residents of Shiloh and surrounding areas.

            He said that he had spoken with both the Boy and Girl Scout Troop leaders and both of them offered their help. 

            Mr. Bailey said that he had been approached by several individuals wanting to do a craft show in Shiloh.  Mayor Hall and Council agreed that this would be a great idea and Ad Hoc will be working on making arrangements and setting a date, probably close to Thanksgiving time.



Council Member’s Miscellaneous Reports

            Mr. Castle inquired about the Village’s open burn policy.  He said that recently there had been an extremely large fire in town burning tires.  Mayor Hall told him that he should call 911 and report it if it ever happens again.  She said that at no time is it ever permissible to burn tires or anything with any chemicals.  She said the Fire Dept. has the authority to put out those fires and actually give tickets out to anyone that proceed to have large fires or chemical fires.

            Mr. Shepherd brought up the storm sewer on West Main Street.  He said that it had flooded again and is obviously not draining right.  He said that he thinks there may be a tile broken or clogged.  Sherri said this had been an ongoing problem and knew that he had attempted to fix last year.  He said that he had put in a new basin, but it didn’t fix the problem. 

            Mr. Bailey said it had been brought to his attention that kids had been digging a large, deep hole in their backyard on Main Street.  Mayor Hall said that this is private property and really up to the children’s parents to take care of it.  She said that if anyone feels this is a danger to the children or other residents, they should call the Sheriff.



Mayor’s Report         


Executive Session     



            Mrs. Boock made the motion to adjourn, Mr. Bailey seconded it.  The next regular council meeting will be March 13, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

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