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Regular Meeting


June 26, 2018


Mayor Hall called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. The meeting was opened with a prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Persons attending: William Castle, P; Lisa Mireles, P; Johnny Shepherd, P; Richard Stephens, P; Danny Bailey, P; Jayne Boock, P;  Adm. Bruce Wiser, Abs., Excused;  F/O Sherri Copley, P; Zoning Inspector, Chad Martin, Abs., Excused;  Mayor Hall, P. Minutes of the previous meetings held on June 4, 2018 were read, edited, and approved.


  • See attached.  The bills were presented and examined.  Mr. Bailey made the motion to pay the bills, including pre-approval for Plymouth Hardware, seconded by Mr. Castle, RC 6 yea.  

Old Business

Mrs. Boock asked about the water meter installation.  Sherri said that we don’t have anyone new as of yet.  Mrs. Boock asked why the Plymouth-Shiloh Food Pantry was only having one fresh produce distribution in Shiloh again this year.  She said she thought it was in the contract that there would be two in Shiloh.  Mayor Hall said the old contract did say that but she thought it was changed several years ago. 

Mrs. Boock spoke about the flowers at the Village Corporation Signs.  She said that she thought the Stella de Oro daylilies would look nice at both ends of town.  She said that currently they are only at one end, but this fall she would be able to split those and have them at both ends.  She said that the Black Eyed Susans, which are Shiloh’s flower, could be moved to the Outpost.  Council approved.

Mr. Stephens thanked the guys for getting the trash can out at The Brick Pond.  He also showed Council a design he made for the Brick Pond which shows what ducks should and should not be fed.  He said that he could make the sign out of metal and hang it down by the pond.  Mayor Hall and Council really liked the sign. Mr. Bailey made the motion approving the sign, seconded by Mrs. Boock, RC 5 yea, Mr. Stephens abstained.

Mr. Stephens also presented Council with a design for the Car Show Trophies.  Council viewed the design and discussed options.  Mr. Stephens said he has enough sponsors to pay for all of the trophies.  Mrs. Boock made the motion approving the design and purchase of trophies, seconded by Mr. Bailey, RC 5 yea, Mr. Stephens abstained.  Mayor Hall told Mr. Stephens that he was doing a great job with the car show and that she appreciated all of his hard work.

New Business/Legislation    

            Mr. Stephens told Council that Mr. Ty Powers had asked to have a remote control monster truck race during the car show.  He said that Mr. Powers told him that half of the proceeds would go to the Car Show and the other half would go to the K9 Memorial.  Council discussed the options and it was decided that Mr. Powers should come to the next meeting so details could be discussed.

Guest Presentation

            Mr. Benjamin Mutti of The Richland Community Family Coalition made a presentation about medical marijuana.  He said that while medical marijuana has been legalized in Ohio, individual towns and villages can make their own decisions on cultivation, processing, and dispensing operations.  He presented each Council member with a packet that contained articles and correspondence about medical marijuana and samples of resolutions and regulations.  Mayor Hall and Council discussed the suggested regulations and resolutions and decided to have the village solicitor review them.

Resident’s Input

Village Inspector’s Report

Village Administrator’s Report

Fiscal Officer’s Report

            Sherri started off by telling Council that she worked with Mr. Harmon from Ohio Insurance Services Agency and that he found insurance through Anthem at a lower cost than the Village was previously paying.  She said that she had to make the decision to take the new insurance between the council meetings.  She said that she met with Mr. Harmon on Tuesday June 12 and the paperwork all had to be filed by June 14, 2018.  She said that gave her two days to discuss the new insurance with the two full time employees and sign the paperwork.  Council was pleased with the new lower cost for the same basic insurance.  Mrs. Boock made the motion to approve the decision, seconded by Mr. Bailey, RC 6 yea.

            She said that she and Mr. Sampson had been working on the list of safety equipment required for the electric department.  She said that it was probably going to cost the Village $2000-$2500 to obtain just the minimal basic safety equipment.  Mayor Hall and Council all agreed that the equipment must be purchased.  Mr. Bailey made the motion to purchase the equipment, seconded by Mrs. Boock, RC 6 yea.

            Sherri told Council that the guys want to clean up the old broken lights taken down from the ballfield.  The lights are currently piled up and cannot be repaired.  Mr. Bailey made the motion to have the guys scrap the pile of lights, seconded by Mrs. Boock, RC 6 yea.

            Finally, Sherri asked about renting out the land by the water tower.  She asked Council if they were going to bid out the land.  Council and the Mayor said they thought they were not going to rent that land out anymore.  Sherri said that she thought the Village was if the contract was for hay and stated no pesticides were to be used.  Mayor Hall said that she would discuss it with Mr. Wiser.

 Standing Committee Reports

            There were no meetings held since the last Council meeting, but Council discussed Ox Roast preparations.

Council Member’s Miscellaneous Reports

            Mr. Shepherd said that the curbs on Scott Street and Main Street need to be sprayed with weed killer.  Sherri told him that the guys had just done that earlier in the day.  He also said that a sign on Scott Street and the corporation limit sign on Superior were both leaning.  Additionally, he brought up streets that have pot holes that need to be repaired.  Sherri said that she would make sure they were on the list.

            Mrs. Boock said that a couple of cars had been broken into the previous week.  Mayor Hall said that the Sheriff needs to be notified in these cases as soon as possible.

            Mrs. Boock also complimented the guys on the mowing.  She said that she thought the town looks great.  She said that she has noticed some trees in the electric lights though.  Sherri said that is on the list to be done after the necessary safety equipment is obtained.

            Mrs. Boock asked Council about putting up garage sale signs at the corporation limits like she has seen in other towns.    She said these could be put up each year with the correct dates on them. Council discussed options and will be looking into the design and costs.

            Mr. Castle spoke about kids skateboarding at the school.  He said he was concerned with their safety as well as any destruction this could cause.  He said the skateboards were hitting the glass doors and could break them.  Mayor Hall said if anyone sees it happening again, to call The Richland County Sheriff and that a sign may have to be placed there.

            Mr. Bailey told Council that The Blackfork Advisory Committee has decided not to follow through with the dams proposed by The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.  The committee said that the communities involved did not support the proposal and they did not feel they could justify spending that amount of money without their support.

Mayor’s Report         

            Mayor Hall started off by telling Council that she has heard of individuals soliciting in the Village.  She said that if anyone comes to the door, ask them for their permit.  They must have a permit approved/issued by the office before they are permitted to go door to door.

            She also told Council that the zoning meetings will be held on the third Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. 

            Mayor Hall told Council that the dugout blown over the wind was not covered by insurance.  She said that the guys will be cleaning it up and hopefully a new dugout can be built soon.

Executive Session     


            Mr. Bailey made the motion to adjourn, Mrs. Boock seconded it.  The next regular council meeting will be July 10, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.  

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